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Red Midas Competition

This website is dedicated for arowana online contest which will be held annually. This year contest was held between December 2015 to February 2016.

During period of time the admin inputting all the arowanas registered for the contest. There are 3 different interface for this website: one is public access, admin access, and judge access. For all public voters, they have to login using their Facebook account in order to vote. The website is integrated with Facebook API to get the user's basic information such as name and email.

Then there are 2 different algorithms for public voters and judge to count the fish's mark. The total mark will be the sum of mark from public voters plus mark from the judge. A lot of detailed report in the back end for admin to monitoring the contest.

When the contest is ended, the voting will be closed and visitors can only see the gallery and winners page. This project was quite complicated with a lot of algorithm and Facebook API integration. This website is also responsive.

Red Midas Competition

Red Midas Competition

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