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Gyo Restaurant

Project: Gyo Restaurant

This is a company profile website of a restaurant serving Japanese Cuisine, owned by @s2banquet group.

The website is a single HTML5 page with design concept provided by client, and developed by @deruyaweb with some adjustment here and there. It turns out simple dark website which makes the food photos look stands out.

This is also a responsive website.

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Seroeni Restaurant

Project: Seroeni Restaurant

This is a company profile website of a restaurant serving Chinese-Malay peranakan cookery, owned by @s2banquet group.

The website is single page HTML5 with sliders and parallax scrolling effects. The design concept is modern with Oriental touch. You can see the beautiful photos of their menu and interior of their restaurant (semarang and jakarta). The website is also responsive, make it perfect to be seen in PC as well as mobile phones.

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Minimi Indonesia

Project: Minimi Indonesia

This is an online store selling boys and girls apparels. The design is clean and a lot of white space, with slideshow and photo collage grid at homepage.

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Pratama Interpola Perkasa

Project: Pratama Interpola Perkasa

This is a company profile of a construction company based in Semarang. They are passionate, experienced and professional in this field, please find their portfolio in projects and gallery section.

The design concept of the website is modern, industrial, and clean. This website is also responsive, means you will see different layout in pc, mobile phone, and tablets.

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Accent Organizer

Project: Accent Organizer

This is a company profile website of a wedding organizer based in Jakarta. They came to me last year asking to revamp and redesign their old website. The new design concept is clean, sweet and modern, with color combination of grey and pink rose.

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Tangki Kettler

Project: Tangki Kettler

This is a company profile and product catalog of water storage tank manufacturer. They have detail pictures, features, spesification and installation for each product. You can check their product online in this website and you can download their pdf catalog too here. This is a responsive website.

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Red Midas Competition

Project: Red Midas Competition

This website is dedicated for arowana online contest which will be held annually. This year contest was held between December 2015 to February 2016.

During period of time the admin inputting all the arowanas registered for the contest. There are 3 different interface for this website: one is public access, admin access, and judge access. For all public voters, they have to login using their Facebook account in order to vote. The website is integrated with Facebook API to get the user's basic information such as name and email.

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Great Property

Project: Great Property

Great Property is a property consultant founded by experienced and passionate people who are willing to help you choose your best investment in property.

The website design is modern and professional, shows list of properties in Jakarta, Semarang, Surabaya, and many more. There is a search facility to ease visitors browsing the properties according to their preferences.

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Office and Beyond

Project: Office and Beyond

This is a company profile website of a company providing office space, work space, and commercial space in Bandung. Their service also including meeting rooms, business lounge, virtual office, & multifunction space. This is a great idea specially for new business starter to have a professional business space in affordable cost and all-in-one package.

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Freeze Memory

Project: Freeze Memory

This is a company profile website of a company providing service to create hand and feet sculpture, usually to keep sweet memories of tiny hands and feet of a baby.

Not a typical style of my design (clean and a lot of white space), the client request colorful and cute style, with "the merrier the better" in mind. So this one was quite challenging, and I tried to do my best so we have win-win solution. The concept is starry sky with clouds, and I put my hand-drawn illustration in this website.

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Arya Graha Hotel

Project: Arya Graha Hotel

This is a company profile website of a hotel located in Semarang. The website design is clean and simple with a touch of brown to match with the logo.

The website is simple and quite informative, with Google map embedded to help people find their location.

This is also a responsive website, means you will see different layout for PC version and mobile version.

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La Rochelle

Project: La Rochelle

This is an online shop selling kidswear (specially girls for now). The website design is pretty, dreamy, sweet with pastel colors. Just as pretty as their kidswear collection.

This is an E-commerce website with strong enhancement as an online shop, a lot of customisation on back-end. The admin can view order reports, customers reports, update products and basically update almost everything in the website content. Plus, they can monitor their order by sending email updates to admin and customer back and forth. It is user friendly for customers and also for the admin.

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Dorcas Pictures

Project: Dorcas Pictures

This is an online portfolio of a talented team of photographers named Dorcas Pictures. Since the first time I saw their portfolio, I knew their style is quite different with others and that makes them unique.

The highlight of the website is that each client can login to the web and see all of their photos - privately. So that the photographer can show the client's photos without getting it too public, such as upload them at social media. Talking about privacy.

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Kharisma Utama Sentosa

Project: Kharisma Utama Sentosa

A company profile website for PT. Kharisma Utama Sentosa, a tire distributor selling passenger car tire, commercial vehicle tire, truck and bus radial tire, and motorcycle tire.

The design looks sophisticated with a beautiful slideshow and carousel at homepage. But the main point of this website is their product catalog. Using jquery to show product's subcategory, this online catalog showing more than 100 products.

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Yenpop Advertising

Project: Yenpop Advertising

This is a company profile website of a digital printing company based in Pekalongan. Started as photo printing company since 1970 and now they have expanding to great range of advertising media printing such as: digital printing A3, billboard, banner, car sticker, event desk, wallpainting, and many more.

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Daniel Ade Studio

Project: Daniel Ade Studio

This is a website redesign project from the previous one back on 2011, still designed by the client himself and developed by Deruya. This time the client has a Japanese minimalist concept for his website. Square images and a lot of clear spaces. And we change this website into responsive web.

This website also equipped by admin tool, where the client has ability to update the website content by himself, such as updating blog and uploading photos.

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Prima Putra Dunamis

Project: Prima Putra Dunamis

This is a company profile of a company selling metal enclosure for electrical distribution works. The client want a simple nice website to represent their exclusive high quality product.

The website is in dual languange: Indonesia and English.

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NV The Label

Project: NV The Label

This website is a Indonesian fashion designer's website. She creates beautiful high end couture dress, custom made and ready to wear. Check on her website to see her collections.

This is a responsive website, means you will see different layout in PC, tablet such as ipad, samsung tab, and mobile phone. The width of the web will follow the width of the device.

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Hotel Koening

Project: Hotel Koening

This is a company profile website of a hotel located in Cirebon. The client wants the design to be simple - clean - neat with a lot of white spaces.

The good side of a simple minimalist website is that we easily find the information we are looking for. The basic needs of what we wants from a hotel website, and don't bother anything else.

This website has dual languange: Bahasa Indonesia and English

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Red Midas

Project: Red Midas

This website shows gallery of ready stock and sold arowanas. The arowanas displayed in showcase of pictures and videos. The client wants a dark-look website and focusing reader's attention to the beautiful of his arowanas.

This is a responsive website, means the width of the website will follow the width of the device. So we will see different layout in PC, tablet, and mobile phone.

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Master Beton

Project: Master Beton

This is a company profile website of Master Beton, a company manufacturing concrete and paving block. The client wants something simple, elegant, and professional-look on their website. There are products photos and pictures gallery of their projects recently in many places in Indonesia.

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Monday To Sunday

Project: Monday To Sunday

An e-Commerce website about fashion local brand named Monday To Sunday. This is an online store to support their fashion brand distribution and sales across the country and outside the country too.

This website was built with Opencart, with total change in look and feel of the design, quite numerous personalization to suit the client's need, and a lot of custom programming done in this project. The result is a sophisticated and elegant fashion online store and most importantly, are user friendly.

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Daniel Ade Studio

Project: Daniel Ade Studio

This is an online portfolio of a young talented designer, mainly in architecture, interior design, and graphic design. The client wants to keep the website simple but eye catching.

The website design goes wide full-screen and horizontal sliding in portfolio section. This is our first time collaborating with our client as he design the looks of the website by himself. And we love how it turns out!

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Audrey B Couture

Project: Audrey B Couture

Audrey B Couture is a little princess fashion website. They offers a prestige collection of party dresses and casual dresses too.

This website was built in HTML 5, and they have a nice photo gallery of their dress collection.

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Bebe Roosie

Project: Bebe Roosie

This is one of our exciting project in 2013. Bebe Roosie website contains articles and sharings about parenting, children, and maternity, while introducing its brand new product: Bebe Roosie telon cream.

Bebe Roosie telon cream is a new innovative product of telon oil in a form of lotion or cream, produced by Jamu Jago.

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Lite n Easy

Project: Lite n Easy

Lite n Easy is a website containing articles and sharing about God's grace for us. It is not a church organization website but rather a place for people sharing and reading the good news.

This website enhanced with social media like facebook sharing, facebook like button, and twitter sharing.

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Prima Dinamika Abadi

Project: Prima Dinamika Abadi

This is our latest project in 2012, Prima Dinamika Abadi is a mechanical and electrical contractor in Indonesia. We helped them to build a website with clean, sleek, and professional look. The website quite simple but informative, displaying their portfolio and the company profile.

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de Fleur

Project: de Fleur

De Fleur is a website about florist and scrapbook. The client wants their website in soft pastel color and cute theme. So we hand-draw some illustration to represent the florist shop, the total look is soft, cute, and unique. The website shows a large number of their portfolio, which can be viewed in nice album gallery.

We also developed Content Management System so that the client is able to upload pictures, creating new gallery, add delete pictures, and manage their message inbox.

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Kobe Garden Restaurant

Project: Kobe Garden Restaurant

This is a Korean-Japanese restaurant's website. The menu displayed in nice album gallery and there is food photos slideshow in header of every page.
We also developed the Content Management System with the ability to change the website content, uploading pictures, and manage their message inbox.

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Sinar Surya Tools

Project: Sinar Surya Tools

This website list all their products and database-oriented. They sell hand tools, measuring tools, tile cutter, and many more, all stored in database and the website displayed them nicely.
We also developed the Content Management System (admin tool) for client so that they can change their website content on their own and manage their message inbox.

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About Us

Deruya is founded on March 2012 by Stefanie, a freelance web developer. The word 'ruya' means 'dream' in Turkish. We bring your dream, vision, and mission into your website, make a professional-look with your personal taste. "What kind of website do you want? What color do you like? What do you expect from the website?" These little detail of client's request and preference is very important to us. We are not creating just a website, we bring you a beautiful, unique, and user-friendly websites.

Based on Semarang, we are having clients in Semarang also outside Semarang. We are flexible as long as you provide us the data and pictures for the website. We realize Indonesia is into digital technology and social media. We believe that every company should have at least one website to represent himself in digital world. And that is why we are here: to bring the world to you and you to the world, on one single click of your mouse. We help you building a digital company profile, online marketing, and online portfolio.

Stefanie Pangemanan
Creative Director & Founder

Graduated from Macquarie University, Sydney Australia, with a degree in Bachelor of Information Technology in 2006, Stefanie develop her programming skills on her first job as a senior web developer in an IT company in Sydney, Australia. In 2007, she decided to going back to Indonesia. Design is always her passion and Information Technology is her expertise, becoming a website designer and developer is her joy.


I'm so lucky meeting DERUYA, for more with Mrs.Stefanie who are web n logo designer.
You are very creative...., innovative.... n delightful.
Also be able to give the best solution for my Flower Shop.
Thank you for ur unique design n concept
It's what I always dream of.

Anita de Fleur,
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"..bring the world to you and you to the world, on one single click of your mouse.."



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